From power electronics
to microwaves


HW art can offer over 25 years of experience in the field of electrotechnics


You can fond our PCBs in: industrial technology, medicine, radar and military systems, air traffic control, induction heating, microwave heating, enegtetics (wind and solar power), measurinf instruments recorders and safety equipment etc. You can meet these devices not only in the Czech republic but also abroad - the EU, Russia, USA and many Middle Eastearn countries.

External development

For small or medium businesses it is very expensive to employ a top electronics developer when they are not able to continuously and effectively use his services. For this reason, it seems logical to ensure the development by outsourced specialized company. It is not only financially much less expensive, but it brings other advantages.

Our experience

To our customers we can offer over 25 years of experience in the field of electrotechnics. Our begginings reach to the analog era. Next step was digital engagement, first of discrete elements,  later gate arrays and micro processors, up to today's modern SoC with own operating system.




Years of experience


Annualy designed PCBs

3,6 mld.

Wired pins

5 km

of wiring approximately on board


You can come in contact with these devices not only in the Czech republic but also abroad - the EU, USA, Russia, and many Middle Eastern countries.

DPS design

If we were to mark one of the fields of hardware development as our specialty, clearly it would be PCB design. But we can say that we have had during our long career grown for the specific sense for the whole design concept. You can’t have a good designer without this.

Device development

Custom development is very personal to us. It all depends on many factors. Each of the development stages progresses in close cooperation between us and the customre.

DPS Manufacturing

Price calculations are always individual based on the complexity of the design and desired quantity.
We offer also DPS placing. Currently we provide only small series, up to 100 placed DPS in month.

Sample production

Now we offer to iur customers express sample production. If you need your device as soon as possible, do not hesitate to contact us!


RNDr. Jiří Hubeňák Ph.D. telecommunication systems
ATH systems manufacturer of microwave links
Radan microwave systems
Rajmont s.r.o. induction heater devices

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